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Petals and Thorns

In this collection of poems, discover the journey of your own transformation. Release self-doubt and find strength in your unique identity. Explore the depths of pain and betrayal which allows you to be reborn to your purpose and know that you are the master of your dance.


Petals and Thorns is a pervasive work of poetry that invites readers on an emotional journey of spiritual reflection

About the Author

Vuyisile Rodolo

Vuyisile Rodolo is a finance business partner and a teacher.

Most of all as a coach and a leader, his students are independent thinkers who collaborate not conform. As a result, they contribute in bringing out the best in other people thus making this world more beautiful.

It is his sincere belief that you have a right and an obligation to be the best of you. One formula to get there is to dream, learn, do, unlearn, relearn, do and repeat to eternity.