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About Us

The idea of WoodRock Publishing came from our passion for books, books and more books. What is more rewarding than reading a book? We want to assist Indie Authors to get their stories out there, in the hands of their reader audience.

At Woodrock Publishing we pride ourself in delivering only the best services and products. We are proud of our exciting team as we combine our skills to breed an effective and efficient work environment where we work together to create fresh, new ideas.

Our expertise range over a variety of skill sets that will be beneficial to you in publishing your book. While we deliver our best we know that we can always strive to do better. We foster the need to provide complete customer satisfaction in all areas of our services.


We make use of professional, independent editors to edit your manuscript. The process of editing involves adding, deleting, and rearranging words. Editing includes consistency, grammar, language used, errors, spelling and punctuation, the overall structure, and other mechanics of style.


We can assist you to design or purchase any artwork (photos, images, illustrations, graphics) that is needed in your book. We make use of professional graphic designers and/or illustrators. We can also assist you to obtain images from stock photo sites.


Typesetting stage (also called book makeup) involves flowing the edited text into an approved stylesheet. It includes choosing a font style for text and headings, determining margin widths, setting word and letter spacing, choosing a chapter heading and number style, and others. The combination of book design and typesetting is what gives a book it’s professional look and feel on the inside.

Cover Design

Cover design is an art. People do judge a book by its cover, so it is very important that the cover is carefully considered and put together. The title, byline, blurb and cover images should all work together to create a cover that has impact and conveys the essence of the book.


Once your book is ready to go to print you need to decide whether to print litho or digitally. This decision will be based on a few considerations like the type of book you are printing, how many copies you want to print, etc. We will assist and guide you through the printing process.


Most authors make their books available as an ebook. Ebooks are electronic versions of your book which is downloaded to be read on a computer, smartphone or tablet. We assist you to create your ebook by converting and uploading your print ready file.

Training event

Is there a book buried in you?

Come join us and learn how to get it published.

Coffee or tea and a muffin is on us. 

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